Clarify for KnowledgeUsing Clarify for Knowledge Editing ArticlesUploading your article changes from Clarify to Salesforce

Uploading your article changes from Clarify to Salesforce

Click the Share icon

Once you have finished editing your article in Clarify, it is time to upload the changes to Salesforce.

In the toolbar, you will see an icon to the right of SHARE. This icon was added to the toolbar when you connected Clarify to Salesforce in an earlier article. Click the icon to upload a draft version of the article to Salesforce.

The upload dialog appears...

The upload dialog appears...

Once the upload is complete, you will see this dialog. Currently the Visit button doesn't do anything. Just click OK.

Article is updated in Salesforce

  1. If you reload the article screen in Salesforce you will see the new content.
  2. Click the Publish button to make the changes public.

Closing the Clarify document

When you close the Clarify document you will be prompted to save the document. Click Don't Save. The Clarify source file is stored in Salesforce and will be downloaded the next time you edit the article. In a future update you won't see this dialog.

 Closing the Clarify document


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